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Densmart Dental Co Ltd main vision is to effortlessly bridge the connection between patients and dentists through design and education. Densmart manufactures patented multifunctional X-ray holder that is small and compact which are available in Disposable and Autoclavable variants. These products facilitate convenience for quick and efficient solutions.
EMTEK Co., LTD Taiwan launched and mass production the several kinds of tiny SMD power inductors/RF inductors and common mode choke to meet the portable /wireless device needs . The mobile devices applied EMTEK components with the characteristic of low profile, low Rdc, and high current handling capacities. The magnetically shielded structure that ensures the high-density mounting configurations with flat bottom surface ensure secure and reliable mounting. In the new generation of wireless mini PCI and multifunctional mobile devices, EMTEK has the more advanced inductors with excellent function to achieve the higher power conversion efficiency. The PIN2510 has lunched and mass production for over one years with 2.5*2.5*1.0mm and outstanding IDC/ Irms to resolve power management issues of the new applications need, such as GPS, mobile phone, blue tooth, USB power device, and so on. The related combo including LCD series as well as PIN2010 is your best solution for the needs of downsizing and thinning mobile devices nowadays. EMTEK R&D and production team has applying its great experience tobalance the trade-off between size and efficiency in tiny wire wound power inductor, RF inductor and common mode choke for related IC’s needs of the wireless/portable systems at present. Lower profile, lower loss and higher Current in Compact Size is the design guide of our R&D principles to design such inductors which made by unique automatic process. The present qualified product lines of tiny SMD power /RF inductor combo to fit customer needs of tiny electronic systems are proving what we are doing is not only the right things but also the contribution to save the energy for our children. Emtek’s experienced technology and operation team, with its active, positive, responsible spirit in conjunction with first-class quality control, manufacturing and R&D equipment to supply domestic and overseas customers. We are well prepared to face the industry generation change and ever-competing market trend of lighter, thinner, shorter and tinier.
LEE PIN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. is a key manufacturer and supplier of "Dental Equipment & Spare Parts" in Taiwan.
The founder of LEE PIN is a senior professional who has 30-plus year-experience in the industry. There are also four experienced engineers in our R&D team. We are expert in designing and manufacturing equipments and spare parts as an OEM factory since 1984 in the industries of Hand Tool, Sports Equipment and Medical Equipment. From 1991, we've concentrated most our efforts on "Dental Medical Equipment" and started to provide dental equipments throughout Taiwan and overseas market including America, Europe and Southeast Asia. LEE PIN in Mandarin means "Power Quality", that is the reason we named it. Stable quality guarantee is our promise to customers. ODM and OEM are available for our customers' choices. Development of dental-related products or others will be also made possible upon request.

Homewood International Corporation (HIC) is a leading lifestyle company in Taiwan with a business goal is to provide innovative, designing, essential, quality products and services, to benefit customers and end user.
Homewood International Corporation (HIC) has a considerable market share in Europe, United States and Australia. They have a variety of customers, from well-known supermarket chains, home centers, DIY stores, to department stores and upscale home décor boutiques. The product range includes bathroom accessories, kitchenware, tableware, houseware, home storage, small furniture and more. For more than 30 years, Homewood strives to meet your needs for home living products.
KMC Chain Industrial Co., LTD was established in Tainan county, Taiwan in 1977, the company has devoted itself to the production of quality bicycle chains. In the 1980’s, the export of bicycle is booming. KMC motorcycle components comply with JCAS standards, and meet the ANSI standard. With good quality material and high level of workmanship, we produce outstandingly wear resistant products. KMC keeps putting the greatest effort into research & development to improve the product quality, and service quality. KMC motorcycle components have been well recognized among leading brand motorcycle manufacturers, like HONDA, YAMAHA, SUZUKI, KAWASAKI, VMEP, SYM, PIAGGIO,...etc. who honored us with awards. We will keep growing and innovating to satisfy consumers’ needs, and let customers enjoy riding motorcycles with KMC.
Magtech Magnetic is a leading manufacturer of Permanent Ferrite Magnets and NdFeb Magnets in Taiwan. The Permanent Magnets that we produce include Ferrite Magnets, NdFeb Magnets, SmCo Magnets, Alnico Magnets, Plastic Magnets, Flexible Rubber Magnets, Minus-Ion Magnets, Bio-Magnets, and Magnetic Holder & Applications & Energy Converter etc. Magtech provides not only cost-efficient magnets also magnetic products like magnetic rubber (rubber magnets) and more. Our production line comprises a variety of magnets and related items. For instance, the flexible magnets offered by Magtech are integrated magnets created by mixing ferrite magnet powder and rubber. They can be seen widespread in commercial or advertising usages available in rubber magnet sheets, strips or rolls by extrusion process. In 1997, an affiliated company named "Leap Tong Industrial Co., Ltd." was established, to handle health care products, rubber magnets and magnetic jewelry. The competitive price, punctual delivery and quality products are the main policy that we always follow. So, we have the confidence to be the best suppliers among your partners. Details on products information are available upon request.
Rekrow Industrial Inc. was established in 1986 as one of the leading Butane powered tool manufacturers in Taiwan. Rekrow Industrial Inc. is renowned for the technical skills and knowledge in the application, design and production of butane products.
Rekrow Industrial Inc. is the designer and manufacturer of 100% metal refillable fuel tank with UL, GS/ DVGW, CE mark and US. CPSCE – Child Safety Standard to Customers and markets. Due to high quality standards Rekrow Industrial Inc. won Taiwan Excellence 2015 and 2018. The good reputation of Rekrow is well known as a trusted manufacturer of butane tool, Micro Torch, Soldering Iron, Micro Burner and Stove.

Established in 1955, SHIHLIN ELECTRIC & ENGINEERING CORPORATION has expanded its operations from basic construction to public works, from the development of electrical power resources to assisting in industry upgrade. In retrospect, the development of the company has been closely associated with the economic growth in Taiwan. The company has been persistent in its firm belief of “improvement over time” in running the operation and in corporate development. As such, the company plays a pivotal role in the domestic electrical industry.


Tatung designs and manufactures an array of digital consumer products, including personal computers, liquid crystal display televisions, plasma displays, network-connected devices, storage-based media players, videophones and home appliances. Tatung also produces products for business computing, such as Tablet PCs, blade servers and wireless thin clients. Tatung has power and energy businesses in the industrial sector and is one of the world's biggest producers of cables (electric cables, telephone cables etc.). Among its broad range of products are: air conditioners, AC motors, transmissions/reducers, inverters/frequency converters, ventilators, liquid rheostat, marine use and land use diesel generator sets, hydraulic generator sets, castings, magnets, precision CNC lathes, milling machines, compressors, medical equipment, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, refrigerators, electric fans, microwave ovens, blenders, toasters, oxygen concentrators, low frequency stimulators, wrist sphygmomanometers, ear thermometers, earphones, loudspeakers, information network systems, digital engineering systems, and PBX systems.A Tatung TWN-5213 CU tablet running PC Native Oberon. Tatung manufactures PC hardware on an OEM basis for a number of hardware companies, including Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, Acer and Dell. It continues to make products such as televisions and music players for the European market. Other industrial categories in which it is involved are "publishing, horticulture, and industrial coatings".Tatung has ten factories in Taiwan, three factories in China, one in Mexico and one was in Plzeň (Pilsen), Czech Republic (the Pilsen plant was suddenly left in the 2014 with debt to suppliers). Tatung also maintains a regional headquarters in Long Beach, California for the U.S. market. Other regional offices are in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Spain. The regional office in Czech Republic was suddenly closed in 2014. Worldwide, the company employs 20,000 people.

YI GUAN PRECISION CO. LTD is one of the renowned Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Auto AC Compressor & Compressor Parts. With years of experience in the line of manufacturing, YI GUAN PRECISION CO. LTD is known for our outstanding performance in the industry.  YI GUAN PRECISION CO. LTD is one of the leading brand in Taiwan which constantly upgrades their products to meet the international standards. YI GUAN PRECISION CO. LTD holds a team of professionals, which provides on time deliveries with high quality. YI GUAN PRECISION CO. LTD products matches their quality with international standards.
YI GUAN PRECISION CO. LTD specializes in Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter AC Compressors, with factories in Taiwan. It has always been our focus to manufacture finest products and to deliver them on time with attentive after-sales service. YI GUAN PRECISION CO. LTD is into manufacturing of new and reconditioned car ac compressors.